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Every tree is remarkably unique. Even within the same family of trees, each one possesses its own individual character. Crooked branches and canopies of leaves, in countless shades of green, reach up and out in different directions. Trunks twist and turn as they lift those treetops high, each creating its own distinct personality. Those trees give your landscape its charm.

When the time comes to care for those trees, you do not want to give just anyone artistic license with them. Unique trees deserve a unique tree care company. You want an expert arborist with a mastery of tree biology and a thorough understanding of the proper methods of tree removal and tree pruning. You want an elite arborist who provides high-quality work and outstanding customer service. You want Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists, operating out of Hallowell, ME.

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We are Central Maine’s tree care authority, and you can count on us for the finest tree care anywhere.

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We have pruned the trees at the Maine State Capitol in Augusta and at the historic Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts, and we will bring that same high-quality tree care to your home or business, too. You can trust us to give you elite tree removal and tree pruning work on every project, with an emphasis on maintaining a low impact on the rest of your landscape.

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